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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Kapa Haka

Description: This year I have joined in Kapa Haka which is when we learn about Moari culture it is also when we sing Moari song and do Coll actions to it. I have injoyed Kapa Haka very much and have been in a few concerts last year. We do practises every Monday after lunch till the end of school,
Here is a video of our practises.

Evaluation: I think I did well at singing nice and loud. Next time I could try and look up more so I'm not looking down at my feet all the time.

Feedback/Feedfowrd: Really good job Hannah I like how you have told us that you have done concerts your practically famous! :() I think next time you could tell us one of your songs? And what you learnt.Charlotte P

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sea Turtle Writing

Description: For writing we have been writing about Sea Turtles and their life cycle. First we started researching about them and writing everything we know about them down in our book. Next we made a plan and made for sections that was Eggs, Sea turtles, growing up and adult hood. We all had to write a story about all the facts we found out and then made it into a story.

Sea turtles have been around since the late Jurassic ages, which were roughly 150,000,000 years ago. Mother Sea turtles can lay up to 1000 eggs. Mum sea turltes dig a hole high up on the sand for eggs to hatch in. The eggs are about the size of ping pong size balls. 20% of the eggs will never hatch. When the eggs hatch they all make a dash for the water.

Baby Sea turltes are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. 50% of those will be eaten by predictors but 400 of the baby sea turtles will make it to the water.

When the baby sea turtles grow up they can grow to the size of a dinner plate of a dinner table. In the water there are lots of sea birds and fish that are in the sky and in the ocean that want to eat sea turtles like Sharks, fish, seagulls, fishing nets, killer whales even rubbish plastic and spills. 200 out of the 400 make it to adult hood. When they are adults it's hard to stay away from predators. 20 survive to breeding age. And 2 survive through the whole life cycle of a Sea Turtle.

The End.


Today for maths I was working on Algerbra by doing number patterns.
Here is some photos of all my work.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Douglas Park

Description: This year Douglas park came from masterton to RSS. There were 5 options of sport that we had to play and we would be put into a A B C teams. The sports were Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball and Rugby. I chose Netball and was put into the B team but this I show it worked if your in the A team you would play to get the Netball trophy but the A team lost so Douglas school got the Netball trophy. At lunch we had a big feast with the other school there were big buns fruit and lots of cakes and biscuits. After every game was played we all came together for a Hui and announced the winner of 2016. The results were 3-2 to Douglas School they won the Netball, Hockey and Rugby.
So that means that RSS won Soccer and Basketball. So Douglas School got to take the flag home.

Reflection: In my game I was GA and I did well at bounce passing to C or WA and then moving closer to the goal so then they pass back to me and I shoot.
Next time I could try and do higher passes over the other team.

Inter school Reflection.

I went to interschool last week and went up to mains field farm and ran 3 Km, I raced with near 150 year 5 girls and came 15th.

What I did well: I did well at not stoping and didn't stop pumping my arms and leaning foward up one big hiles.

What I could have done better: Next year if I make it in a could save enough energy for the jumps over the hay bails so it won't slow me down.

Seed 2 Table End

Description: This Term P12 did Seed 2 Table. Seed 2 Table is when we have a group of adults who want to participate in Seed 2 Table. The parents are ingarge of the cooking and Elly is ingarge of the gardening. We were separated into 2 groups and one group went off to cooking and the other group went to do some gardening with Elly. On the gardening we started planning stuff like where are some good places to keep the plants warm and dry and how much water plants might need to keep them healthy. At the end of Seed 2 Table Tayla and Is plants were growing well to of them were growing.
And for cooking we would cook meals for lunch for Ellys class to eat. We would have one main and one dessert. For the first meal of Seed 2 Table we had Pumkin soup and skones with Fejoia muffins.
And for the second meal we had:

Here is a photo of are plants at the end of Seed 2 Table.

Feedback: I think you did really well explaining what seed to table is for those who don't know.
Feedfowrd: next time you could explain what you ate if that isn't too much for you -Charlotte Perry

Friday, 17 June 2016

Moon Inquiry Movie

Description: In Nic's inquiry we have been learning about the moon. We have started in inquiry and had to come up with a hard question about the moon that we didn't know and would like to find out. I got into a group with Abby and Charlotte H and we came up with a question it was ' How does the moon move in the sky? Here is a video of exclaiming how the moon moves in the sky.

Evaluation: I think the group did a great job at working together and we talked loud and clear in the video. Next time we could explain more in the video.


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cross Country Goals

Goal 1: Is to make it into the top 5 so I can make in into interschool.

Goal 2: Is to pass anyone who is in front of me.