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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Seed 2 Table

Here is a photo of Tayla and my plants as you can see 2 of them are growing but when we watered one of them they drowned and probably died but the other is still growing and it's gotten really tall since the last time we saw it.


Description: In maths we have been working on a mixes problem. Phoebe and I kept making number lines to get the answer. We asked Charlotte the teacher to help us and then she asked us questions that would help us to get the answer and it turns out that the answer was right in front of us.

Evaluation: I think I did well at making the number lines and halving the numbers to get closer to the answer. Next time I could make sure I stop and think before writing random things down that won't help me to get the answer.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

2 Little o's And Away We Go

Description: Today Troy read us a book that a man called Dales Clayton wrote. The book was about having dreams as big as you and thinking outside the box. We were given a sheet of paper with lots of little dots. We had to think of lots of things that would have to little dots on it, or you could. E creative and make something up. 
Here is a photo of all my ideas that I drawed on my piece of paper.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Seed 2Table

Today Tayla and I watered our plants still with different amounts of water in each plant.
Here is a photo.

Seed 2 Table

Description: Every day Tayla and I need to water our plants that we made at Seed 2 Table.
We are putting different amounts of water in each plant and see if it still grows.
Here is a photo of the plants after we watered them.

Monday, 16 May 2016


Skimming is when your reading a book or the newspaper and you keep skipping through the words.
So you might read on sentence then go down to the next paragraph and read a sentence in there.
Also skimming can be when you try and find a book that you might like to read you can skim through the pages and see if you like the book or not.

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Today for I did some independent work on the white board and made some samples for me to work them out and they helped me learn more about making fractions even.
Next I did a maths workshop with Nic and we also worked on fractions.
Here are some photos of all the maths I did today.


Read this article about a super late library book and write a summary of it as if you were a news reporter. Then write a description and publish it on your blog and label it READING. Imagine if this was at our library, I bet Rebecca would be 😡

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Today for maths Abby and paired up and got a white board for all of our maths today we drawers fractions and we both learnt new ones on the way.
Here is a photo of all our maths.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Today for maths we worked on making shapes even here is a photo of the attempts we had.

Monday, 9 May 2016

300 Essential Words

Description: On my spelling test we did 300 essential words. A lot of the words were easy but some were quite challenging. On my test a got 295/300.

Evaluation: I did well at making sure a listened to see what kind of word it was like if it was see I would stop and listen to see if it was the word I see you or the word we went sailing on the sea.
Next time I could make sure I would stop before I wrote the word down and checked if it needed a capital letter or not.


Description: This is a poem that we got given to see how much we can get done in 5 minuets.
Your writing had to be accurate, legible and fast. We also had to make sure we copied down each and every little detail on the poem. Our letters couldn't be other the line but they had to be on the line.

Evaluation: I did well at making sure my letters were all touching the line but not going over.
Next time I could try go a bit faster becauseI didn't get much done and that's because I'm
a slow writer.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Seed 2 Table

Today at Seed 2 Table we did some gardening at the gardening we got into pears and made a poster about planting seeds. We got a packet of seeds, and started writing things down. Now plants can't have a lot of water in the summer time because if you put to much the plant can drown and slowly die.
At the next Activity we were doing lots of baking. Again we got put into groups and started doing different things. We were making Pumpkin soup for the main and today we got 2 deserts for the deserts we had feigoa muffins and pin roll scions. 
Here is a photo of one of the tables when we were about to eat.

Evaluation: I did well at mashing the feigoas so there would be no big lumps.
Next time I could make sure I scooped all of the feigoa out of the skin not just half of it.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Beautiful Opps

Today Troy showed us a book called beautiful Opps. It was a book about people making mistakes in their art and then making them into beautiful masterpieces. Then we got into buddies and drawed a oops for them. Then they had to change it into something creative. Sophie drawed a oops for me that looked a bit like a dollar sign. I changed mine into a pair of sunglasses on a face.


Evaluation: I did well at doing all the details for the person. 


Today for maths we worked on fractions and I learnt loads of new fractions. 
Here is a photo of it.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Here is a photo of what we did for maths today.

Sarah Platt Buddy Art

Description: Last Term Room 10 and room 12 decided to make some Sarah Platt buddy art. We were each given a picture that was part of the art work. For our practise we got out our think books and with a ruler we drawed a square that was 18cm by18cm then we had to draw 9 square. On the picture we could see little black lines so we could see the nine squars. We started drawing the picture very carefully. After we finished we would start on our good copy. This time the square that we had to draw our picture in was 25cm by 25cm. After we did that we could start colouring but instead of just colouring we were given a whole verity of things we could do.

Evaluation: I think I did well at filling in all of the white caps and making sure we used all of the right colours. Next time I could try and make the lines a bit straighter.