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Monday, 21 March 2016


Description: We chose to make a family tree which is called a whakapapa in Maori. At school I practised drawing my family tree and then in the weekend I went home. And asked my dad if we could go down to the shops and get some big paper. Then when I got back I started writing down all of the people in my family, my Mums side and my dads side.

Feedback: I think that the bold letters helps anyone to see more and it is great to see that you have put  the Maori names for what they are. Overall very good work. Amy

Feedfoward: I think that next time you could make everything more bold (not pencil) so you can see everything mor, especially the title. Amy

Friday, 18 March 2016

My one word post

Description: Potama chose to come up with a word for 2016 I chose organised for my one word because I'm not usally organised. One of the reasons why I chose this word because it wouldn't just help me at school it would also help me around home like getting ready for school in the morning.
Any we had to make some art for our one word. I tried to write down a couple of ways to draw down my one word. Once I chose my favourite one I grabbed a good copy and started copying it down. 
Once I finished colouring it in I stuck it on my photo and gave it to the teacher. Now it's all hanging on the wall in P14.

Feedback/Feedfoward I love how your one word was so colourful and I hope I see you doing your one word soon! I think next time you could detail a little tiny bit more I do think it is great I hope you can live up to this in future! Charlotte Perry


Monday, 14 March 2016

Camp portfolio

Description: Early Tuesday morning we jumped on the bus and traveled to El Rancho. When we arrived at El Rancho we took a look around. We did a scavenger hunt to get to know our way around camp.
Then we had afternoon tea we had some cookies and juice. Then we did our first activity, my group's first activity was kayaking. Kayaking was fun but when we needed to get in a line it was hard to turn the boat where you needed to go. We carried on doing activities until dinner. After dinner we went and had skit practise and decided what we're going to do for the camp concert. After that my activity group started practising for half an hour then we meet in the hall again with the rest of the school.
We started getting ready for bed and before we knew it was lights out.