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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Ad, Sell the unsaleable.

Description: In writing we have been listen to ads and how they work, our challenge is to make our own ads. Sophie and I buddied up and started to make our own fun, exciting and amazing ad. Since everyone is making ads Suzanne gave us a small object to make an ad about. So Sophie and I went to work and brain stormed all our ideas on one big page.

Come and get your secret surprise today. Comes in many different sizes and colours. Nice colourful box w rapped in a silky big ribbon.
This box is number 1 and it is the best box you will ever have and also it comes with 2 free lollies in it if you buy it. Now you can stack and store much better with this amazing box. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE if you call now you can get half price now only $10 instead of $20 sale ends Monday. This box will complete your life, it is so amazing, you won't anything more for the rest of your life. Your kids will love this box and will never won't to put it down again. So call now at: 0800 080 083.  

Here is a video of our ad, hope you enjoy.                                                                            

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