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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Olympic Art

Rm:12 has been working on some Olympic art work when we choose a sport in the Olympics and decide a a4 piece of paper into 4 big squares. We practiced drawing the logo of the sport we choose in our writers note book. I chose 4 coloures to paint my picture in and practiced it many times but in pencil. When it was the really thing on the real piece of paper I grabbed my draft to copy the picture after I drawed the logo of hand ball which is the sport that I choose I started painting it I made sure each four coloures were on all 4 squats.

Evaluation: I think I did very at the painting and made sure I didn't go outside the lines. Next time I could do the vivid out lines a little bit more accurately.

Here is a picture of my art work as the finishing product.

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