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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Drunk wards path art

Erik Carl inspired us all with amazing pop art. We are doing something like that for our calendar art, we decided to do drunk wards path. Of course we need some Panekiretanga to do this kind of art. So we all showed excellence while we were doing this kind of art. First we got three white pieces of paper and did random painting all over them we are put so much effort and texture. Next we got to more pieces of paper and this time we did whatever patterns we wanted but in pencil. We got a plastic square and we had to draw a quatre circle on it so we still had some of the circle left. Then we used that square to cut out all of our peices of paper. After that day the next morning we got to choose what kind of patterns we would like to do, there was a whole verity to choose from. 

Evaluation: I did very well at cutting out the squars and making the outlines of the patterns. Next time I could have used a variety of colors and not just coloures that look the same, also to make the art a little bit more busy with the coloures.

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  1. I love this Hannah! This is a very complex piece of art that required a whole lot of patience and persistence to achieve panekiretanga (excellence)! You must be really pleased with your final result Hannah. Well done.