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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Book Buddies

Description: This Term Poutama has introduced a activity called Book Buddies. We each got a piece of papper with lots of questions on it like ' How fast do you read your books'. Charlotte H and I were the most similar and wanted to buddy up with on an other we both like reading the same type of books and we both like reading. So after we choice our Book Buddies we got to choose our coach out of Nic, Troy and Elly. Charlotte and I choose Nic and We made a slide about our books and lots of other things. At the moment I just finished our 3rd book, so our 1st book was Rat Burger by David Williams and then our to other books were Tom Gates all the books have about 450 pages in it.

Here is our Slide hope you enjoy.

Feedback/feedforward I think that you have done a great job with your buddy. I like how you and your buddy have been keeping track of the days and how you have been discussing the book with each other. Maybe next time you could talk a bit more about what you have been reading and what you like about the story in the evidence of learning. -Hannah P


  1. I have really liked having you as my book buddy. I really like playing with you at play times and working with you in class. You are a really awesome friend.😃😃

  2. Well done Charlotte and Hannah, I enjoyed watching your progress creating a board game about your story. This is one of my most favourite things to do: take a normal activity and create something new out of it to show my understanding. If we continue Book buddies next term, keep striving to challenge yourself to "put yourself into the learning pit" by either choosing a challenging text or choosing challenging follow up tasks. Really stretch yourselves.


  3. And remember to add those photos to your slide!