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Monday, 29 February 2016

Active and busy listening

Description: In class were learning about active and busy listening. Active listening is when somebody is talking and the other person has eye contact with them and they are listening to each other. And busy listening is when somebody is talking but the other person is not listening there just staring into their own world.

Feedback:I like how you made sure it was the right length of time.

Feedford: Next time you could speak more clearly.

Evaluation: I think I did well at staying on task and working with people I haven't worked with before.

I think I could do better at talking louder and more clearly.


  1. You have created a great little movie showcasing 2 different types of listening! Well done! It would be great to see you reflecting on what your listening skills are like! Are you an active listener, a busy listener or a me too kind of listener?

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  3. i liked how you did I statement with each other.
    next time maybe you can talk louder.