About me

Friday, 11 December 2015


This year all of the seniors did inquiry we were given some options. But I chose to do Rosie's Maori art.

I think my art is cool as.


What I did well:  I Did well at remembering what I had to do next and not just wait around waiting for somebody to tell me what to do every minute. 

What I could have done better: I could have filled on more of the moiqeto caps on the Pastel.


Video game review

Here is a video that will help you what to do Before, during and after an earthquake.

This is my game review hope you enjoy!

Nic told the class to make a game on an app.

No matter what you could use a computer, laptop or an iPad.

I was going to make my game on stretch Jr. Which you can only use on an iPad which that's fine with me well as long as I get an iPad which SOMETIMES I did!

I tried for days to make a perfect game but I just couldn't find the right iPad that I was using in the first place. So I just had to go with it.

My game as about a girl who was stuck inside during an earthquake so she had to dodge the bits of Rooth that was falling down from the ceiling. But the game keeped on deleting when I was on it so that was a stink.

Samantha and Hannah's Maths

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Game writing

Eating Eagle.

‘ Hi I’m Eagle as you know I like eating things that’s why people like using me for video games.’ The video game that I play for is called eating the eagle so people play as the monsters and clearly the monster tries to eat me and obviously they fail.But this time they hadn’t…….       ‘AAAAHHHHH aren’t video games spose to be fun? or not’ The monster keeped on following me. I do like the video game because I haven’t got eaten once yet and the boring thing about this game is that I’m not aloud to fly.‘ Oh no I’m coming to the edge of the clip I know that I;m going to die or possibly get eaten.’ I quickly say my prairs to god and my friends and family.

I look down at the muddy puddle, but then the monster slips in it and face plants into the fake concret. I hear the child who is playing the monster say that the games to hard but it’s really not. ‘ OH no.’ I cried the little buy went away but worse of all now comes the neighbour hood bully who is the pro at arcad games.‘ He plays the monster and he directs him towards me’
To be continued……………   AHHHHHHH!!!!!!.’ I cried.

I’m falling down the edge of the humongous mountin. I wish I could fly but it’s the rules I’m not aloud to I only joined so I could make kids happy. Suddenly the kid started laughing as the screen said ‘ YOU WON ‘ But how can that be? LIke I didn’t die.I really wanted to fly and with out thinking I did. The red alarm went on and a whole bunch of famous arcade people came t catch me. The bully looked at the game rules and said ‘ Wait don’t take the seagull away it is allowed to fly.’ Said the boy as if he was speaking to the president.But they didn’t listen they diged a hole in the hard ground and stuck a long rope in it and then tied it around their waist. Suddenly they jumped down the clif and managed to catch me just before I hit the ground to my sudden death.

Suddenly I feel my body been pulled up to the top again where the monster was standing there covered in mud. He tries launching ford at me because of course the child was still playing the game but not for long the video game got shut down and the monster got taken away.

Thankfully I got chosen for a nother game called ‘ THE SOURING SEQULL’
I wonder what that game will be like?