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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Athletics writing ( Day of a life)

Athletics writing  Day of a life

It’s not very nice being a pair of smelly old feet until
…… Athletics day! Athletics day is my favourite event of the year and one of the things that feet are suppose to be good at.

Wednesday Morning
( Athletics day) 7:00am in the morning……

I woke up in the same old bed and the same old bedroom.
I got up and had a streach and Hannah the person who controls me put my shoes and shocks on. Then she looked at her book that she had been reading the other night and said out loud every one and every thing has their own life. Then thumped down the stairs and hopped into the car.

When I arrived at school I hopped out of the car. And got welcomed by a bunch of feet. I heard Hannah saying goodbye to her Mum. Of course I just waited there ready to be directed somewhere.

When I walked Hannah up to her classroom I see a bunch of excited feet charging towards me. Hannah stopped to have a little talk but I didn't let her so I pushed her past the crowd and went onto the deck.

Finally Hannah put down her bag on the deck at the back of the line and then the bus arrived. I couldn't see what I was doing because the shoes where covering my view of the bus. When I sat down I got a better view of where I was. Then I looked to the side and saw a pair of feet next to me. I realised that the feet next to me belonged to Samantha.

I started having a talk to Samantha's feet. What was that you didn't think that feet could talk well you are wrong. Remember that book that Hannah looked at this morning and said that every one and every thing has their own life. Well that is true let me explain like humans can talk to each other and then feet can talk to each other.

Samantha's feet said hi to me and then explained how nerves she was.
Then I said to the nerves pair of feet that there's nothing to be afraid of because there's no such thing as perfection.

I heard Samantha and Hannah talking about I whole different thing that comes well in truly after athletics. Before we knew it we where at massy university track.

Three minutes later I was walking down a dirty disgusting muddy track luckily I was wearing shoes or I would be sinking into the disgusting track.
Thankfully that was over and the whole school was now walking along the  grass I saw acouple of silly feet running up and down the hills but they got caught by one of the teachers. Suddenly the school reached are shelter we had to sit in are house groups.

Hannah got out some energy food and started eating it.
Well I looked down and the track where we will be doing are activities .
It was so big that I needed to look side to side to see it all.
I saw the high jump one first.

Hannah's sister Amy was sitting next to her so I had a talk to Amy's feet.
High jump is my favourite I told the pair of feet. Amy's feet answered back.
It's not my favourite but I'm really good at it specially when your a pair of springy feet.

Then the teams got split up into their year groups. First the year ones got called up to go and line up. It was a bit dangerous because their was a HUGE hill that we needed to run down. Finally the year 4s got called up. Hannah's a year 4 so she directed me down the hill and into the line.
Are first activity was long jump I wasn't very good at this one but I gave it a shot.

Hannah didn't make it into the top three but she didn't come in the bottem
Five.  I what he'd some other talented pairs of feet jump into the sand pit and made a new high score.

Before we knew it it was time for a new activity ' It was the sprinting race'.
Hannah whatched Marg direct all the other girls to the sprinting race.
I buried my race down deep into the shoe as Hannah lead me other to the new activity.


David shouted over the loud speaker.
I wasn't ready it took me a long time to have the guts of taking my eyes out of my shoes. All of the pairs of feet started running, I didn't know where I was going left of right I couldn't tell.

Once the race was over I was taking long Deep breaths in and out and Hannah was just talking to her friends not even mentioning how tiring it was because of course she's not the one doing all of the hard work.

Hannah walked me over to Hannah Bell to congratulate her from coming first place. I started having my own combersation to Hannah bells feet.
' Great race ah? I asked. ' Tiring but worth it.' Hannah bells feet answered.

Honk honk honk!!!

Time for brunch. The whole school started walking up the tall steep hill
and sat down to eat. Kate Meyer was sitting next to Hannah and started talking. I looked at Kate's feet but didn't speeck. I was to bust listening to Hannah and Kate's combersation.

Half and hour later...

Hannah moved on to high jump mine and Hannah's favourite activity for athletics. The girls all sat down and listend to Stephen.
He told the girls to pick left or right for your Angle.
You have to run in a shape of a banana. We will have a practise first and then we will have the real round. Now if you knock down the pole them you are out and you have to go and sit down on the grass ok.

The feet were all directed to different areas, Hannah chose left because finds that as her best side. She was second in line, Her friend Abby was first. I whatched Abby directed her feet in a shape of a banana and jump over the pole with ease.

Next it was Hannah's  go. Hannah did the same as Abby, ran in a shape of a banana and then jumped over the pole. I felt great to have the first level over and done with.

Once the practise found was up then we moved onto the real round.
Hannah past a couple of rounds but on the 5th round Hannah just nicked it and the pole tumbled over.

5 minutes later we found out the results Ruby came first and Emily smith came second that's all that I could remember.
Well I am a pair of feet I'm not spose to know many things.

Two hours later....

It was lunch and I was well I truly tired by then.
Hannah and I could hear the yells of the teaches saying
‘ Sit down please eat your lunch you should only be standing
up if you are going to put on sun block’. Hannah started eating her sandwiches. I know I said that I love athletics but being a pair of smelly old feet isn’t nice and I’ll tell you why.

  1. Because when your owner makes you run you always end up with your face in some smelly old shoes and socks like me right now.

2. Because all you do is stand up and walk places when humans get to have the actual fun.

Before the school knew it  it was the end of lunch and now it was time for the next activity. It was Disces one of Hannah’s favourite well she did have a good arm and I was the one who gave her the power.

The whole school lined up in their lines again. Bunches of feet passed me and I could her all of the noise from the pairs of feet chatting.
Sandy can up and took all of the year 4 girls over to the field again.
I saw Abby’s feet pass me. I was going to go talk but Hannah directed me the other way.

‘ Line up and eyes up here thanks’ Sandy said raising one eyebrow.
I burried my face in the smelly old shoes once more.
Hannah was first in line she was nervous but she really shouldn’t I should be the one nervous cause I am the feet so I only have the power to make sure that Hannah is good at something.

Hannah was given a blue discis. Hannah was shown how to hold the discis and how you should be positiond.
I was liesing to all of this. So I put myself in the right position without Hannah directing me to do it.

Hannah lifted the discis up and leaned back aimed where she wanted the discis to go and threw it as far as she could. Of course it wasn’t just her that did the amazing through it was me as well.

At the end when all of the girls have had a go. We got told who got 1st 2nd and 3rd. Hannah was so pleased with her results because she came second.

Finally it was the end of the day. Hannah directed me up to Abby or was it the other way round Abby directed her feet to me I couldn’t tell because of course feet don’t know much.

Any way Abby came up to us and said ‘ Great job’ To Hanah.
They walked up the steep hill together while Abby’s feet and I had our own little comberation.

When we got up the hill Hannah crabbed her bag and went to line up by her teacher.

Once Hannah’s class was all together they went along the sturdy muddy wet path again and there the bus as waiting there for them.
It was a big day for me, and mostly likely the funest day of my life.
Except for having to be in a pair of smelly old shoes for a whole day.

The End!!!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Fear writing


I finally reached the top of the stairs that lead me to the place that I mostly hate being in. I gazed up at the tall building which had a huge flag with clear writing saying ‘ ROSS INTERMEDIATE’.

I pressed the green buzzer, and the huge doors opened.
My heart is thumping as I walked inside with Mum and Amy following.
My brain had exploded ever since Mum had made an appointment.

Suddenly the dentist came into the waiting room with a crying girl behind her, which made me more scared. I tried to read the dentists name tag ‘ Jenny’ It said in bold letters.

‘ You three can come through now.’ Said Jenny patting the girl on the back who was now walking out of the room. Then she lead us into the hallway of the building and into room 2. 

Amy was first up so she jumped up on the Dentist seat and opened her mouth wide. Jenny peered inside Amy’s mouth.
‘ Oh yes lovely brushing.’ Jenny said looking pleased. ‘ But you do have quite a small overbite.’ Said Jenny. ‘ But that won’t harm you until you are a teenager.’ She Added still looking for a scraped tooth or something like that.

Suddenly Amy sat up getting tired of the light beaming into her eyes.
I was going to hand her a pair of sunglasses but I didn’t because now it was my turn on the Dentist seat. I lied down on the dentist seat putting the sunglasses over my eyes. 

Jenny took them of my eyes saying ‘ You won’t be needing these’ Jenny said turning the light the other way. My heart is still thumping like a heard of wild elephants running like the wind.

Jenny looked inside my mouth. It was going good until the bad things had to be said. ‘ Unfortunately you need a filling.’ Jenny announced with the words pouring out of her mouth.

I quickly got up and ran out of the room. I was inspecting something like that but not that BAD, I was speechless I started to sweat.
I walked back into the room ‘Now please sit down child and lets get this over and done with.’ Jenny pleaded.

She moved her fingers around my mouth to the tooth that needed work on. She picked up a drill. It was ever so small smaller then my finger. I immediately asked what she was going to do with my tooth.

Then that dreadful sound came out of Jenny’s mouth. That sound that makes your head explode with pain. The sound that tells you to be quite. I bit her glove, before she got to put the drill in my mouth.

THEN she got to put the drill in my mouth. My heart is still thumping as I hear the drill go deep down into my tooth. I feels like she has gone deep down in my tooth past the gum and into the bones. 

Then Jenny pulled the drill out of my mouth. Jenny crabed a fan and blowed the tiny bits of teeth off her lape. Then she grabed the white coloured filling. Suddenly another lady came in, she said that she could her me complaining from the waiting room. She was another dentist, but looked a bit scary. Mum stood up in front of me and she immediately asked who she was. 

Surprisingly the dentist pushed past mum and stood beside the dentist chair. Then she put her arm on my stomach to help Jenny put the filling onto my tooth. She put so much weight on me it felt like I had been winded.

She put in gently onto my HALF tooth, then she grabed another tool to push it down. On the other side the other Dentist finally went out of the room and bowed very deeply to Jenny before she went out. Every time Jenny banged it on my poor tooth I yelled OOOOWWWW!!!!!! So loud that I might of broken the filling. 1 minute later I sat up with great PAIN, I didn’t close my mouth until the pain had gone away. I walked out of the room looking up at the ceiling with my mouth open. We walked down the hallway and the big glass doors opened again, and I walked out of the horrible place still with my mouth open. Mum said goodbye to Jenny and told me to close my mouth.
So then we hopped into the car to go back to school.