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Thursday, 24 September 2015


Title : Where is Nic?

My writing goal: verity of words.

Description: I Got out my writing book and started writing after I finished coming up with Ideas.

Reflect: Next time I could try and use more juicy words.

I was walking to school with my two best friends Phoebe and Samantha. When we got to class we hung up our bags in the cloak bay. 

‘ Where’s Nic.’ I asked. ‘ Who knows, I think he’s in the staffroom.’ Answered Samantha. Suddenly the bell rang. ‘ OH NO.’ Said Phoebe.
‘ We forgot to sign in.’ She added. ‘ Well let’s do that before we get marked late.’ I said alarming Samantha.

‘ But then where is the white lap top.’ Said Phoebe. ‘ Ah don’t ask me, Iv’e got no Idea.’ Sam answerd. We sat down on the mat with our brain food next to each other. Suddenly we heard some shouting right next to us. We turned behind us and thought it was one of the silly boys making a noise. But all of them had their moths cloesd. Then we looked down and saw a tiny tiny creature on the carpet waving it's arms side to side shouting and shouting. What is that.' I asked puzzled. ' Let's take a closer look.' Suggested Phoebe. ' Ok.' Samantha answered.
' Is it an ant.' Phoebe asked. ' It can't be because it has sand colour shorts and a blue t- shirt.' I said. ' How can you be sure.' Asked Samantha looking other towards the other side of the classroom gazing at a funny shaped object with lots of needles on it. ' And what do you think that is.' Added Samantha pointing to the funny shaped machine. All three of us looked back at the tiny tiny creature on the ground who was about  the half the size of my pinky. Then we all knew what the machine with needles in it was for, we ran over with out anybody seeing us. ' Wait a minute if there's a tiny creature over here and a big machine over here, could it be a srinking machine.' Said Samantha curious. ' Go ahead and see.' I said smiling.

She did what I said and went first, she pricked her finger and suddenly we couldn't see her any where. ' Samantha, where are you?.' Asked Phoebe and I. We looked down and saw Samantha with legs as little as my hand but still with a normal size head like the rest of the class. Phoebe and I grabbed one are each and carried her into the clock bay so no one would see her. 

Some girls were still in the clock bay getting their brain food.
' What's that you got.' Asked Abby curious. ' Oh nothing were just getting our brain food.' Phoebe said thinking fast. ' Ok.' Said Abby walking away with her hands behind her back. We quickly dropped Samantha in my bag onto my lunch box as running back to the machine. We pricked a finger on a needle when no one was looking and then ran back to into the clock bay small like Samantha. All three of us ran out of the clock bay into the classroom. Suddenly three big stompers called Emily,Chalotte and Ruby came near us nearly stepping on us. So we quickly ran out of the way and hid underneath a whiteboard. When the creature saw us he got a big fright that we had found his special machine and ran away. We ran after him making sure no one sure us. Then we saw him running into the office.
So of course we built a plan. ' Ok.' I said starting them off. ' I will worry about closing the office door so he won't run out, and you two corner him and then after I finished cloesing the door I'll help you two cage him and then we will try and prick finger on the needle if we manage to open the door.' I said running out of breath. ' But then what if some one see's us.' Asked Samantha. ' Doesn't matter just stick to the plan.' I answered. ' Ok.' Said Phoebe.

We ran into the cloack bay and I closed the door. And the other to cornerd him. After I opened the door again we made a queen chair so he wouldn't escape. Then we pricked his finger on the needle and we dropped him on the ground so we wouldn't get squished.

' Ok our turn now.' Phoebe and I said at the same time.
' Wait so that means we will never be small again.' Said Samantha like the fun had ended. ' Or we could show the whole class and we could all be small.' I said with an light bolb above my head.
' AWESOME.' We all tuned in to each other. So we pricked our finger on one of the needles again but this time we grew big again like Samantha said we would. After we sat on the mat Nic got up the front of the class and said. ' Sorry I'm late kids But I was in an imaging adventure and I'm sure that Hannah,Phoebe and Samantha would know a little bit about it and they would like to share a little something with you.' Nic said smiling.

We went up to the front of the class and skope it was my turn first.
' Well this is a machine but it is a special kind of machine.' I started off. ' And hands up if you know what kind of machine it is.' I said.
' Jayde,' I said pointing to her. ' Um is it a sowing machine.' She quested. ' Not quite it's a srinking machine.' Said Samantha.
Then the whole class was interested. ' Nic has been on an incredible journey here inside the class room.' Said Phoebe. ' Yes you all have been wondering where he has been but all along he has been her in the classroom.' Finished Samantha. ' Hands up if you would like to have a go playing hide in go seek inside the classroom being half of the size of your pinky.' Phoebe said laughing.

Every body's hand shoot up like a star in the night sky.
' Line up then.' I said.

Then for the rest of the day every body loved playing tag.

The End

Zero waste

Description: I got a device and made a post on my blog then I went to get in embed code for the Zero waste slide to put on my blog then I put some writing underneath the Reflection, Take a look.

Reflection: Next time I could explain what I learnt from Shirly when she came in to 6smallbubbles.

Two Weeks ago a lady called Shirly came in to RSS to teach all of the classes about Zero Waste. Yes you might be wondering what Zero waste is. Well Zero waste means no wasting and that looks like Re-using and recycling. Every day of the week except The weekend Shirly comes in to room 6 to teach us about Zero waste. Room 7 comes over to to learn about Zero waste. Here is my Zero waste Slide.

Toku tinana

Description: I have gone on Comic life and made a poster with the Maori words for parts of my body.

Reflect: I can improve with knowing more Maori words then I do now.

Here is a photo of my poster.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Description : In maths class we got our devices and went on Show Me. Then we went in a quiet space for us to record our selves. Nic told us the maths problem and then he said go. He said that we were pretending to work at a flower shop and that we had 52 roses and 3 roses could only fit in one pot. How many pots will I need?.

Reflection: Next time a could work on less making the device shake and I could speak a bit clearer.

Here is my video.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Reading Inquiry

Description: First we had to think of a BIG question for our reading Inquiry. My question was why are some rabbits wild and some are not? I was given two pages to type down the knowledge I already know about Rabbits.

Reflection: Next time a could chose a harder question because I already knew quite a lot about Rabbits.

Here is my reading inquiry slide.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Wearable Arts Slide

Description: Nic shared us his wearable arts slide then we had to make one of our own take a look.

Reflection: next time I could put a bit more information about making my garment.

Here is my Wearable Arts slide.