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Monday, 10 August 2015

Art day

On Friday rm6 and rm7 had an art day we got to workshops with on teacher. The teachers were Toni, Nic and Joy. At the end of the day we all ended up with six cool patterns they were totally different to each other because they were different types of art.

1. What did I do? I made six types of art using my hands paint-brushes pastels and sponges.

2. Why did I do it? I did it because I don't do much art at home and also because it is giving me some ideas for the wearable art production.

3. What did I learn? I learnt that we don't always have to use paint-brushes to make a cool piece of art. I also learnt a bit more of creativity and how much fun it can be.

4. What should I do next? Next I am going to choose my favorite piece of art and put it on my blog.

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