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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Making a lava lamp

For hands on homework we all had to make a lava lamp. To make a lava lamp you will need

Clear plastic bottle
Cooking oil
One fizzy tablet
Food colouring

First we put the oil into the bottle. You need to fill it up to 3/4.
Add water leaving a small gap at the top.
Add a few drops of food colouring. Then drop a fizzy tablet in and then watch what happens.

Have a look at the video that I made.

Science Experiment

Last week we did some science it was awesome. For science we all were working on hot and cold. So what we did is we had three bowls for each team and one bowl was full of cold cold water. And an other bowl was full  of warm water then the bowl in the middle was a bit of cold water and a bit of hot water. So what we had to do well we had to put one hand in the cold bowl and the other hand in the warm one. When one minute was up we had to quickly had to stuff our hands into the middle bowl.

Friday, 16 May 2014


Holiday P.M.I


I spent lots of time with my cousins.
Amy and I were so excited because our cousins were coming to our house.
When I ran out the front door I could see my cousin getting Cody, who is my baby cousin, out of the car.

We spent way too much money.
Cody scatched me.
I didn't get enough presents for my birthday party.

Cody is getting more and more teeth every week. 
Cody is getting better at not scratching
The hydro slide at my party was smaller than I thought.

Invisible letters

For hands on homework we had to write an invisible letter using lemon juice and give it someone in iur class. When they hold it over the toaster and heat it up the words will appear.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Making a smoothie.

For hands on homework we all had to make a healthy smoothie I made a banana smoothie.These are the ingredients that I used.

Vanilla essence
Plain yogurt