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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Athletics day 2016

Yesterday the whole of RSS went up to Massey for athletics day. Here is a reflection of how my day went. 

What was the most enjoyable part of the my day/ why: The most enjoyable part of my day is properly getting out there happy and coming back in getting second place in discis. 

What am I really proud of/why: I am proud of coming second in discis and 4th in the 800m sprint
And why because that way I know that I'm getting better and better every year.

What was the most challenging part/why: Properly the 800m sprint because I haven't been practising running as much as I should be so I had to try really hard to get in the top 5 but I am proud of myself.

My goal for next time is/why: My goal for next time is to properly do better in high jump because I know I am good at it but I wasn't at my best.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Market Day

Description: This year RSS has decided to do a market day. Market day is when when people can make or buy things to make a product that you can sell. But you must be careful because everything you use has a price. In poutama we had to get into a group of 3 your group each gets a $20 budget to spend. I got into a group with 2 girls called Charlotte and Phoebe. All the groups had to choose who they want to be their coach, my group choose Elly straight away. Next we went online and research some things that was possible to make. Phoebe pointed out some notebbooks with covers on them. And then that's what my group decided on doing. To make our product we decided to buy 3b1 Notebooks, so we had a look on some websites to see if we could find some really cheap notebooks. And on one we could buy then for 69c. But then a couple days later we found some for 39c. We bought 30 notebooks which cost $11.?c and then we had enough money to buy the rest of the things we need. To make the covers we used an app called pic collage and its when you can creat cool backgrounds or just create something cool. Well we made a whole lot of covers with different colors themes and quotes and they looked so amazing. To print out an A4 colored piece of paper it cost 10c.
Any thing we used from our tote tray was free. So we used my glue stick to stick the covers onto the booklets. We thought that since we had quite a lot of money left we could stick some jeriseal on the top to make the covers nice and shiny. Our stall got placed in the hall with a whole lot of other stalls.
Each of notebooks were $2:00. We got given a float which is some spare money in case you need to give a person some change. We sold out within 15 minutes which was awesome. My group was all super proud of all the work that we have done and our finishing products.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Ad, Sell the unsaleable.

Description: In writing we have been listen to ads and how they work, our challenge is to make our own ads. Sophie and I buddied up and started to make our own fun, exciting and amazing ad. Since everyone is making ads Suzanne gave us a small object to make an ad about. So Sophie and I went to work and brain stormed all our ideas on one big page.

Come and get your secret surprise today. Comes in many different sizes and colours. Nice colourful box w rapped in a silky big ribbon.
This box is number 1 and it is the best box you will ever have and also it comes with 2 free lollies in it if you buy it. Now you can stack and store much better with this amazing box. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE if you call now you can get half price now only $10 instead of $20 sale ends Monday. This box will complete your life, it is so amazing, you won't anything more for the rest of your life. Your kids will love this box and will never won't to put it down again. So call now at: 0800 080 083.  

Here is a video of our ad, hope you enjoy.                                                                            

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Last Maths session of the term

Here is a photo of my Maths task it was very challenging.

Evaluation: I did very well at adding the Numbers together. Next time I could try different strategies to get me answer.

Risk Action Plan

Today in Poutama we have being working on Risk taking plans. Nearly all of the year 6s got to take a group of kids from Poutama and give them to pieces of paper. Their were 7 rectangles with embarrassing tasks. In the left over to squars I choose Eating yuck food or food I don't like and jumping down from high hights from the playground. And one the second piece of paper we had to fill in what would help us at our most challenging risk. I choose eating food I don't like. My coach was Kayla and she gave me ideas but opening new options to me.

Here is a photo of my to pieces of paper.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Olympic Art

Rm:12 has been working on some Olympic art work when we choose a sport in the Olympics and decide a a4 piece of paper into 4 big squares. We practiced drawing the logo of the sport we choose in our writers note book. I chose 4 coloures to paint my picture in and practiced it many times but in pencil. When it was the really thing on the real piece of paper I grabbed my draft to copy the picture after I drawed the logo of hand ball which is the sport that I choose I started painting it I made sure each four coloures were on all 4 squats.

Evaluation: I think I did very at the painting and made sure I didn't go outside the lines. Next time I could do the vivid out lines a little bit more accurately.

Here is a picture of my art work as the finishing product.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Drunk wards path art

Erik Carl inspired us all with amazing pop art. We are doing something like that for our calendar art, we decided to do drunk wards path. Of course we need some Panekiretanga to do this kind of art. So we all showed excellence while we were doing this kind of art. First we got three white pieces of paper and did random painting all over them we are put so much effort and texture. Next we got to more pieces of paper and this time we did whatever patterns we wanted but in pencil. We got a plastic square and we had to draw a quatre circle on it so we still had some of the circle left. Then we used that square to cut out all of our peices of paper. After that day the next morning we got to choose what kind of patterns we would like to do, there was a whole verity to choose from. 

Evaluation: I did very well at cutting out the squars and making the outlines of the patterns. Next time I could have used a variety of colors and not just coloures that look the same, also to make the art a little bit more busy with the coloures.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Kapa Haka

Description This year is my second year in kapa Haka. We have been working on a new song called Panekiretange and the tune is off a song called Hall of Fame. A couple of days ago we had a dress rehearsel on the day of the performance to get organised. We got into our uniforms and waited on the stage for the school to come and whatch us and that was all part of the dress rehearsal. And of course  this wouldn't have all happend if we didn't have Nic and Rosie. We were all so excited and happy we it was time to perform.
 is my second year in kapa Haka. We have been working on a new song called Panekiretange and the tune is off a song called Hall of Fame. A couple of days ago we had a dress rehearsel on the day of the performance to get organised. We got into our uniforms and waited on the stage for the school to come and whatch us and that was all part of the dress rehearsal. And of course  this wouldn't have all happend if we didn't have Nic and Rosie. We were all so excited and happy we it was time to perform.

Evaluation: I did well at keeping my head up and focused on getting the right words and actions. 
Next time I could sing a little bit louder.

Here is a video of our dress rehearsal in front of the whole school.

And here is our live performance on stage at the regent.


Feed forward:

Book Buddy

This Term for Book Buddy's my partner is Charlotte H and after our first book that we read called Rat Burger we decided to make a board game about animal cruelty we haven't done much on it though any way here is a photo of Charlotte making the board and me making the money.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Writing Sample

This Term my teacher for writing has been Elly we are having a big focus on Conpond and Complex sentences. Complex Sentences is a to simple sentendes with a conjunction to choin them together. I simple sentence is a short juicy sentence like '  Grandpa dug a hole  ' Grandpa is the subject and dug is the verb. A verb is a moving action like running, jumping, swimming, and crawling. In my slide for   Writing it will have examples of all three of the different sentences.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Book Buddies

Description: This Term Poutama has introduced a activity called Book Buddies. We each got a piece of papper with lots of questions on it like ' How fast do you read your books'. Charlotte H and I were the most similar and wanted to buddy up with on an other we both like reading the same type of books and we both like reading. So after we choice our Book Buddies we got to choose our coach out of Nic, Troy and Elly. Charlotte and I choose Nic and We made a slide about our books and lots of other things. At the moment I just finished our 3rd book, so our 1st book was Rat Burger by David Williams and then our to other books were Tom Gates all the books have about 450 pages in it.

Here is our Slide hope you enjoy.

Feedback/feedforward I think that you have done a great job with your buddy. I like how you and your buddy have been keeping track of the days and how you have been discussing the book with each other. Maybe next time you could talk a bit more about what you have been reading and what you like about the story in the evidence of learning. -Hannah P

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Measurment Slide

Description: This Term for maths Potamas main focus has been Measurment. I'm not that good at Measurment but I have learnt I lot about it. We have all made a slide and put lots of photos on there so we can look back at what we can do better and what we did well.

I hope you like my slide on Measurment.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Panekiretanga Slide

This Term Poutama has had a big focus on excellence in maori excellence means Panekiretanga.
Here is my slide on Excellence hop you enjoy.

Feedback: I think that is good but i think you can do better. Renae A

Feedfowrd: Next time you might want to right some more things in your description. Renae A

Evaluation: I know a did well on my meme and worked really hard all the time to show excellence.
Next time on my slide I could explane more about my examples that I do of Excellence.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Discovery Time Week 2

Description: This week I continued on making my top. Today Charlotte H and I decided to pair up and make an outfit ( a top which I'm already making ) and then Charlotte H is making the hat and together we are both making the Skirt/Pants we haven't decided yet. After I finished the stitching on the top I tried it on Charlotte but sadly it did not fit so an other Charlotte the teacher helped me come up with an idea so it would fit around for tummy. We said that I would stich some more fabric on the sides of the top and then they would go around her tummy and then if THAT fits around her then I would stich those together but that will have to wait till next week.

Today I was successful by: Getting lots of things done.

I didn't have any thing that didn't go my way because it was fun and awesome.

Thursday, 28 July 2016


This Term for maths our focus is measurement Today I have focused measuring water and seeing if bubbly water is heaver then normal water. I found out that if you put some soap in it's actually heaver then normal water and that was my experiment.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Discovery Time

This term Potama has included Discovery time in their learning. So every Monday the teachers set up about 7 activities and kidsget to do any one they want.
Today I spent most of my time doing sewing, I didn't finish but I am about half way. 

Reflection: I did well at figuring out how to thred through the material so it joins together.
Next time I could try and make it more even.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Pizza Fractions (maths)

Today for maths we were given a maths problem to do. There were a lot of fractions and working out.
It was a real big challenge for me and helped me a lot wi my fractions.

SLC Reflection

1: What I did well: I did well at telling them about the learning and the task.

2: Next time I could: Next time a could be more confident and not be shy to tell them things.

Monday, 4 July 2016


Description: Today I did Alegebra with Nic we made lots of patterns and then moved along to somebody else's pattern and then reapeting it.

Here is a photo of my pattern.


Also here is a photo of some other Algerbra.
The Rule is to add 4 rods each time you add a diamond.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Kapa Haka

Description: This year I have joined in Kapa Haka which is when we learn about Moari culture it is also when we sing Moari song and do Coll actions to it. I have injoyed Kapa Haka very much and have been in a few concerts last year. We do practises every Monday after lunch till the end of school,
Here is a video of our practises.

Evaluation: I think I did well at singing nice and loud. Next time I could try and look up more so I'm not looking down at my feet all the time.

Feedback/Feedfowrd: Really good job Hannah I like how you have told us that you have done concerts your practically famous! :() I think next time you could tell us one of your songs? And what you learnt.Charlotte P